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AlistarzGaming is a husband and wife team Philippe (Alistarz) and Belle (MagicKitty) who love Scum so much we make Scum Tutorials and Stream our PVP on YouTube.

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AlistarzGaming in collaboration with Gamepires bring you the most complete Scum Database with Scum tutorials including Beginners Tutorials, Weapon Tutorials, Base Building Tutorials and more. We also have a range of Scum Maps including Bunker Locations, Petrol Station Locations and Car Spawn Locations. Not only that but check out our range of databases including items, food and weapons with weapon damage statistics.

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0.6v is out, the changes we made on the metabolism are huge, they made all other survival games feel like Fartnite. Still this is just the beginning, things will get far more serious in the following months. Get ready for some sexually transmitted diseases!
I’ll pass out now.

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